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What is is a live video sharing app. What this means is that you can watch videos together with friends in real-time, like you were at a movie theater together.

To get started, click the "Create a room" button above or enter a room code given to you to be automatically taken to that room. allows you to queue up a number of videos in your room and it will automatically play through them.

In a room, there is one owner who has absolute control over the video playback. Everyone else's video is synced to the owner's. The owner can promote other viewers to Trusted level which means that they are able to modify the room's queue but not control playback.

What kinds of videos work?

Almost any kind of video that will play in your browser will work with

There are some differences between browsers, but in general, any .mp4, or .webm videos will work. To play these type of videos, you must get a direct link to the video, not a link to a site with the video embedded. To get the direct link, you can usually right click on an embedded video and click 'Copy video address'.

Some other non direct video links will work with, namely, and